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Vertical Blinds still have a place in any home thanks to modern fabrics and manufacturing techniques.

For the commercial environment there are now specialist fabrics that comply with health and safety requirements.

For example, some are designed to effectively filter UV light, others are fire retardant and there is even an MRSA resistant fabric. Remote control options for the home & workplace are also available.

Which ever way you choose to look at it the vertical blind fabric options offered within our collection provide an array of designs, colours and textures second to none.

The studio section of our presentation allows you to immediately view beautiful jacquard weaves and designs in contemporary colour ways.

The main body of our presentation groups the fabrics by colour

spectrum allowing easy selection of the perfect shade to meet your particular furnishing need exactly.

Call us for a quote or come along to the showroom to see before you buy!

Vertical Aluminium Almond
Vertical Pewter
Vertical Dark Beige
Vertical Stone